Nicola Lorusso (Florence, Italy, 1959) lives in Mexico City since 2001.

In 1980 he began his career as a photographer with some experiences in the field of theater and reporting. During his firsts years his personal search was directed to social issues and the traces of human activities on the territory. Since 1985 he has been professionally involved in industrial, architectural, museum and landscape photography.

He has collaborated with the Alinari Archives in Florence, the Girodon Archives in Paris, with Elemond Arte in Milan and Phaidon Press in London carrying out photographic campaigns of works of art and architectural goods, with the Province of Milan in the project “Archivio dello Spazio” with the Municipality of Milan in the “Dixie” project.

He has exhibited his work constantly since 1984, in Europe and in Mexico. In 2004 the Department of Architecture of the INBA (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico) commissioned him to interpret the Palace of Fine Arts (CDMX) on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. During 2008, he made a photographic serie that interprets the architecture of Terminal 2 of the Airport of Mexico City. In 2010 the AEP commissioned him to photograph the remodeling in the Plaza de la República of CDMX and to make a book on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Revolution.

His photographs are part of public collections, such as the National Library of France, the Santa Mónica Art Center (Barcelona), the Contemporary Photography Museum (Milan) and the Architecture Department of the Palace of Fine Arts (CDMX), the National Photo Library (Pachuca, Hgo.) among others.

He has collaborated as a professor in numerous university and photographic institutions among which: Marangoni Foundation (Florence), Image Center (CDMX), Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center (Oaxaca), San Carlos Academy (CDMX), Pedro Meyer Foundation (CDMX), Conarte (Monterrey), Academy of Fine Arts (CDMX, Chihuahua and Xalapa), Autonomous University of Mexico (CDMX), Autonomous University of Hidalgo (Pachuca).

He has been invited as a photography jury at FINI 2017 and has given lectures about his work in numerous institutions.