Yes, you can buy prints. I make them in different formats established for each specific job; 40 × 50 cm., 50 × 70 cm. and 100x 150 cm. The paper is always 100% cotton, high quality according to the best digital printing standards. I personally follow all the production phases. The circulation is limited to 5 copies for each format. In some cases I can offer you analogue printing. To find out more you can write to my email (at the end of this page) or contact the Drexel Gallery in Monterrey, Mexico,

Simply by writing to my email to explain the use you want. We will establish permission for reproduction rights and possibly the corresponding economic agreement.

Yes, most of my work is designed as an editorial project and I can perform photographic services on commission. I work a lot in architecture, with museums, archives, magazines and many artists. You can write to my email to explain your needs.

Generally sending in digital format with wetransfer or dropbox, if it is printed on paper, I use an insured shipping service to the customer’s preference.

Yes, I’m available. I participated in various schools and photography festivals to offer my contribution. You can write to my email to explain your initiative.

Yes, I workshops or classes of theoretical and practical teaching experiences.

Yes, I am available to work also abroad. I just establish a contract that can cover travel expenses in addition to the conditions of the work to be done.